VISION, a New Wave: Dance Creations by Emerging Choreographers
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VISION, a New Wave: Dance Creations by Emerging Choreographers

  • Date 23, 24 July 2022
  • Venue Majestic Theatre, Penang
  • Duration
  • Price RM50.00, RM160.00
  • Platform Watch At Venue
  • Genre
  • Language None

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23 July 2022 (Saturday)

24 July 2022 (Sunday)

About the Event

Catch Penang Modern Dance Ensemble (Euphoria Penang) in "VISION - a New Wave" as they translate an old adage into riveting movement vocabulary! Inspired by the saying "the eyes are the window to the soul", "VISION - a New Wave" features exciting displays of new dance creations choreographed by three emerging choreographers that remind audiences of the gift of SIGHT. Expect to see the talented dancers creating "waves" on the window to our soul and a VISION on how they see the world and beyond with imagination and magic.

About Penang Modern Dance Ensemble (Euphoria)

Penang Modern Dance Ensemble (Euphoria) aims to promote and develop new dance creation that revitalises Penang's multicultural dance traditions while providing opportunities for talented artists from diverse backgrounds and interests to come together. They seek to represent our community and environment through dance, a universal language that brings people together. Euphoria brings and supports acclaimed, talented, emerging choreographers local and beyond to create and present original modern cultural dance, to be presented in Penang, with the aim to stage these dance pieces at prestigious performance venues in cities around the region. It nurtures young dancers, encouraging them to attain professional standards to perform locally and internationally to promote the vibrant cultures of Penang through Modern Dance.