Tales from Amma’s Kitchen 老媽廚房軼事

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Tales from Amma’s Kitchen 老媽廚房軼事

The idea for this two hour comedic fiesta came about following the success of the award-winning Amma's Mutton Curry in Short + Sweet (Penang) Theatre Festival 2016, sweeping clean the titles of Best Overall Production, Audience Choice, Best Director, Best Script, Best Female Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

This is a fundraising show for the Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac).

這兩個小時的喜劇盛宴將呈上檳城天才編導法・阿都 (Fa Abdul) “軼事” 系列早前的《老媽廚房軼事》短劇系列,這其中包括 2016 年在《檳城戲劇精彩+分》中橫掃“最佳整體製作”、“觀眾票選”、“最佳導演”、“最佳劇本”、“最佳女演員”以及“最佳男配角”等獎項的《老媽的羊肉咖哩》短劇。


  • Date 24, 25, 26 Jul 2020
  • Time (GMT+8) 8:30 PM
  • Venue CloudTheatre - www.cloudtheatres.com
  • Duration 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Price RM20.00
  • Platform Watch Online
  • Genre
  • Languages English

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About the Event

Tales from Amma's Kitchen is an English show, staged in Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre andIt Performing Arts Centre of Penang in 2018. It was well received by audience of all races including the expat community. The show was fully sold out in Kuala Lumpur and almost a sold out in Penang for its entire run.

Tales from Amma's Kitchen is a collection of ten interconnected short tales featuring a loving Indian mother who has her hands full dealing with the affections of the amorous Uncle Muthu, her son’s Chinese girlfriend who (to her horror!) does not like curry; and her three children – recently divorced Gayathri, unmarried Jyothi and the unemployed Raju. Other characters include Bunga, Amma’s Indonesian maid and Shahbudeen, a Pakistani foreign worker who encounters the colourful family.


While presenting humorous, poignant and thought provoking stories based on Amma’s family, Tales from Amma's Kitchen touches many topics which could relate well with the Malaysian society such as racial discrimination, homosexuality, hypocrisy, dowry practice, foreign labour, abuse of domestic helpers, divorce and feminism.




A Fundraising Project

This project is aimed at raising fund to assist the Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) to sustain its operation. It is a well-known fact that penangpac has been badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they are back in operation early this month after shutting down temporarily for almost three months, things hasn’t been looking too good for them.

As a not for profit organisation, penangpac has been struggling with financial loss for years. However, the financial crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic is a big blow to the only performing arts centre in the Northern Region of Peninsula Malaysia.


The survival of penangpac at the moment depends on donations. Big Nose Productions aim to raise as much funds as possible to keep penangpac afloat until it is able to operate at its full capacity. At the moment, with SOPs and public’s fear of going back to theatre, penangpac is still struggling to recover from its financial crisis.


《老媽廚房軼事》為之前在吉隆坡表演藝術中心以及 2018 年在檳城表演藝術中心上演的英語系列短劇,當時深受馬來西亞各族觀眾甚至外籍觀眾的好評。此劇在吉隆坡與檳城上演之時幾乎一票難求。

《老媽廚房軼事》中收錄了十個相互關聯的英語短劇,講述一位充滿愛心的單親印度老媽如何處理為她癡迷的情郎姆都、她兒子那不喜歡咖哩的華裔女友(她最大的夢魘),以及她那三位兒女 – 即將離婚的大女兒加雅媂、遲遲未婚的次女佐媂,還有待業家中的小兒子拉祖的種種狀況。其他角色包括老媽的印尼女傭武雅以及不小心走進這個多姿多彩家庭的孟加拉外勞沙武丁。