DPAC Live:【Reflections 映】

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DPAC Live:【Reflections 映】

‘Reflections’ is HANDS taking stock of ourselves and our past and using all of that to move forward the best way we know how - through our art…..

  • Date 18 Jul 2020
  • Time (GMT+8) 8:00 PM
  • Venue CloudTheatre - www.cloudtheatres.com
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Price RM23.00
  • Platform Watch Online
  • Genre
  • Languages None

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18 July 2020 (Saturday)

8:00 PM (GMT+08) →

About the Event

DPAC Live: A new theatre experience born out of extraordinary times


Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) is launching our new format for live theatre: DPAC Live, a cross-sectoral effort to revitalize the way we share and consume the arts. With collaboration between DPAC, artists, a filming team, and Cloud Theatres, we aim to share live broadcasts of on-stage performances with you through your screens. Staying true to DPAC’s belief that the “arts brings people together”, we hope that these live broadcasts and its much lower ticket prices will bridge the gap between the arts and the public.

On 18 July, DPAC Live brings you Reflections by Hands Percussion. Together, let’s find hope in the arts and hope in the midst of this pandemic.

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DPAC Live:走出非常时期的全新剧场体验

白沙罗表演艺术中心(DPAC)推行新计划——DPAC Live,一项跨四界的合作,以共享经济与专业,让艺术以全新形式蓄势出发。集白沙罗表演艺术中心、艺术家、摄制团队和云剧场合作,以各自的专业打造实境表演艺术演出,于屏幕前还原现场舞台效果。秉持着DPAC宗旨『艺术将人们聚集在一起』,别于一般预录直播,DPAC Live将使用现场直播方式、亲民价格将表演艺术贴近大众。

7月18日,DPAC Live将率先与手集团、D Moving Pictures和云剧场合作,将【Reflections 映】搬上屏幕前齐探索艺术中的“希望”,为这场突如其来的“抗争”寻找希望。


Show Description


‘Reflections’ is HANDS taking stock of ourselves and our past and using all of that to move forward the best way we know how—through our art. Our art form thrives on the beats and rhythms we create, which resonate deep within us. It speaks of our individuality, personalities, and strength as a team.

Online Broadcast Date & times: 18 July 2020 (Saturday), 8 PM
Ticketing Hotline: 03-4065-0001 / 03-4065-0002


手集团透过艺术创造了 《映》,倾尽以往与现在的所学所知,竭力往心中最美好的方向靠过去——因着我们的创造,节奏和旋律之间的变化律动,寻找与我们内心深处有所契合,最终形成极具主体性与独特性、生气蓬勃的艺术力量。让所有的光起舞,让艺术为生命发声。

线上直播日期 & 时间: 2020年7月18日(星期六),晚上八时正
票务热线: 03-4065-0001 / 03-4065-0002

About Hands Percussion (HANDS)


Hands Percussion (HANDS), a renowned Malaysian percussion ensemble, has been creating a veritable bang in the music scene in Kuala Lumpur since 1997 with its ground breaking and innovative performances.

Over the years on top of producing in-house traditional and contemporary percussion work, HANDS has been invited to perform overseas and have participated in art festivals in Abu Dhabi, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, France, London, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Australia and Qatar.

The ensemble’s performances have been highly regarded and admired as they endeavour to preserve their cultural heritage while introducing new dimensions to theatrical drumming by venturing into contemporary percussion music and exploring different cultures. The team has produced and performed extensively in the arts scene as well as at corporate events. Their art form has been described as contemporary theatrical drumming infused with Shigu (獅鼓) drums and diverse South-east Asian musical instruments.

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手集团,马来西亚著名打击乐团。自1997年在吉隆坡组团以来,其突破性和创新性的表演,得到广泛民众的重视和赞赏。手集团致力于发展传统南方狮鼓的打击文化,试图把街头表演文化转型到专业剧场,同时亦引进新的元素,通过涉足剧场空间、东西方打击乐、肢体开发等层面,探索不同的舞台文化。手集团也是马来西亚首支自资及以企业方式来经营的专业敲击鼓团。 2007年,手集团成立甘美兰组,学习南洋乐器的美丽韵味,更深入的了解这片土地的文化,传统乐器的魅力。手集团甘美兰组曾获邀出席世界甘美兰艺术节,也曾与Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra同台演出。

2009年,手集团从马中商城迁移到雪兰莪双溪毛糯 (Sungai Buloh),也有了更宽敞的排练室。目前,手集团共有9位全职鼓手、14位二团鼓手、15位实习生;主要区分成表演艺术部及教育与外展部。表演艺术部则又分成两大组,分别是核心队员手集团一团,以及成立于2005年的手集团二团。