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In conjunction with CHKL Dance Club’s 40th anniversary celebration, the club will present dance works choreographed by coaches and alumni, as well as performances from previous years to the public virtually this time, with the show titled “Luminous”, reflecting the diversified dance styles of the club.

  • Date 21 Aug
  • Venue -
  • Duration 50 minutes
  • Price RM10.00, RM30.00, RM50.00, RM100.00
  • Platform Watch Online
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21 August 2021 (Saturday)

8:00 PM (GMT+08) →

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乐捐款项将作为本舞蹈学会日后活动与演出资金用途。如有任何疑问,可通过以下方式查询详情 :

  • Instagram : chdc_dance
  • Facebook : 隆中华舞蹈学会 CHKL DANCE CLUB
  • Email :
  • 联络号码 : 017-6338347

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary celebration, Luminous--  an online performance festival is ready to present with a multi-variety dance genre, they are performance works over the years and the choreography done in 2020 online, highlighted with the well-elaborated current performance compiled by the dedicated coaches and alumni.

In the 2021 dance highlight, our coaches play as the essential role, Kathyn Tan backs as the executive producer, in between, all the creative dance performances are composed by Matt Tan, Yiyi Ang, Kyson Teo and Jack Kek.  COVID crisis has forced the troupe forbidden practising from CHKL dance practice room, however, the barrier won’t cut down our passion. Besides, we take the opportunity to make a difference, the dance festival will be performed online. Our effort and interest have never changed, but they grow.

Its theme is named as ‘wu yi ’ Luminous which is a homonym as ‘dancing skill’ in Chinese / Hans. In Luminous, the means of glamorous glows have served our dancing passion continuously for 40 years. Besides, its sign with “Stay True to the Aspiration, We Dream, We Dance” leads us to remain proactive and positive during the crucial season. COVID-19 pandemic can’t block us pursue but the blockage reminds us to be aggressive and self-motivated.  Keep to the Faith, we keep our path to pursue the dreams until our dedication, professionalism and commitment are plain to achieve.

Kindly be informed, tickets for the online performance are available for RM10 only, or donation tickets priced with RM30, RM50 and RM100 are encouraged.  The funds will be beneficial as our future community activity support.

For further inquiries, please contact:

  • Instagram : chdc_dance
  • Facebook : 隆中华舞蹈学会 CHKL DANCE CLUB
  • Email :
  • Tel : 017-6338347