A Notional History
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A Notional History

  • Date 16, 17 July 2022
  • Venue Loft 29, Penang
  • Duration 75mins without intermission
  • Price RM50.00, RM160.00
  • Platform Watch At Venue
  • Genre
  • Language English, Bahasa Melayu

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16 July 2022 (Saturday)

17 July 2022 (Sunday)

About the Event

*Violent themes - images of war victims

An activist, a journalist, and a performer excavate school textbooks, inherited memories, and video interviews of exiled revolutionaries – uncovering erasures, exclusions, and questions around the Malayan Emergency. They investigate and speculate on the possible histories for a ‘New Malaysia’, intersecting the personal, the national, and the notional. Directed by Mark Teh, this documentary performance takes back Malaysian history and gives it a new perspective.